MVS/Quickref 7.9 is out now

Date 2014/11/10 9:41:12 | Topic: General News

Program Enhancements:

• MVS/QuickRef R7.9 has been enhanced so that on z/OS V1R12 and higher systems, it will dynamically switch to AMODE(64) and acquire its text display and DASD Free Space reporting storage areas above the 2GB address bar.

• The AMODE(64) support mentioned above required new definitions for the TEXTSTR= and USERSTR= keywords in the MVS/QuickRef options table QWIKOPTS. If you perform a full install of MVS/QuickRef R7.9, you must also modify the settings in your QWIKOPTS source so that the TEXTSTR= and USERSTR= keywords specify values in the range 1 through 999. TEXTSTR= and USERSTR= now specify the number of MEGABYTES (not bytes) of storage that MVS/QuickRef will acquire for its reference text storage area when fetching reference text from the main and user data base(s).

• A new keyword, DASDSTR=, has been added to the MVS/QuickRef options table, QWIKOPTS. This keyword sets the size of the virtual storage area (in whole megabytes allocated above the 16mb line, or if running z/OS V1R12 or higher, above the 2 gb bar) used when creating the DASD Free Space Report.

Prior releases of MVS/QuickRef used a single shared virtual storage area for reference text and for the DASD Free Space report. As of R7.9, the DASD Free Space report is created in a separate virtual storage area, the size of which is defined by the DASDSTR= keyword. The default for this new keyword is 4 (4 megabytes).

By way of example, if your installation has 5,000 3390 DASD volumes online, and you want a full DASD free space report covering all volumes, then the amount of storage used by MVS/QuickRef to display that report would be (132*5000)+608, or 760,608 bytes. Setting DASDSTR=1 would allocate 1 megabyte of storage, more than enough to accommodate the aforementioned report.

• The DCB attributes previously added to the QWPRINT DCB by fix number QP1302C in release 7.8 have been removed in this release. The QWPRINT DCB used when MVS/QuickRef prints output in batch or via the QPRINT command under ISPF now contains no hard-coded LRECL= or BLKSIZE= values. JCL used for the QWPRINT DD in batch job JCL now must include the LRECL= and BLKSIZE= values; the RECFM=VBA and DSORG=PS values are still hard-coded in the QWPRINT DCB and cannot be overridden in JCL. This change restores the method of operation used for QWPRINT output in all releases prior to R7.8.

• The default value for the USECSID= option in the MVS/QuickRef options table has been changed to 'Y'. The USECSID=Y setting enables character translation for the 14 EBCDIC characters that vary by character set ID (CCSID), and only affects users of character set IDs other than the default USA CCSID of 00037.

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