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MVS/Quickref for Z/OS
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SLEEP TIGHT: instead of driving to the office, get instant access to MVS/QuickRef's 107,000,000 lines of z/OS reference materials. MVS/QuickRef's simple, easy to understand information helps you resolve 97% of the problems affecting z/OS, CICS, DB/2, IDMS, ADABAS, JCL, JES, COBOL. It has the answers to MVS abend codes, z/OS error messages plus 1,260 software products from IBM, CA, BMC and 72 other independent software vendors.

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HorizonT-IT Products

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About HorizonT-IT

HORIZONT is a software development company located in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1993 as R.O.S.E. by five OPC (now TWS) consultants. Due to legal conflicts, the name was changed to HORIZONT in 1997.

The company's first product was OPC/Graph (now TWS/Graph), net plan display software for TWS, which was developed together with IBM Germany. With more than 150 customers worldwide, it has become the de facto standard for TWS compatible software. Additional products include TWS/BatchAD, TWS/BatchCP and TWS/Audit, rounding off the TWS product line.


XINFO - The IT Information System
XINFO is an information system for batch production. It enables you to access and cross-reference all data from various IT systems.

XINFO analyses JCL, DB2, IMS, CICS, RMM, PL/1, COBOL, SMF, TWS, BAGJAS, CA7, CA-Scheduler, UC4, ZEKE, Control-M, Control-D, CA-Deliver, CA-1, UNIX and Windows filesystems, inventory, SAP and much more
XINFO runs on system Z with DB2 (z/OS) as well as on MS Windows with ORACLE or MS-SQL Server
XINFO provides a common window to all your subsystems
XINFO is an open system for all kinds of data
XINFO requires neither programming nor SQL knowledge
XINFO has complete ISPF dialogs and Windows GUIs
XINFO delivers both graphical and text-based data
XINFO prints various graphics on any printer and plotter

SmartJCL - The Easy Way to Faultless JCL
In order for today’s modern businesses to remain competitive, Production systems must be highly available and reliable. Job Control Language (JCL) is an essential part of keeping systems running smoothly. Errors in JCL coding can have detrimental effects on Production and cause unwanted delays.

Due to the complexity, each time new JCL is introduced, or existing language is changed, the potential for errors is great. Under deadlines and time constraints, it is not always possible to thoroughly test Production JCL for all events before the Applications are submitted into Production.

SmartJCL checks the JCL - ahead of submission - for common errors, and eliminates problems at the source. This dramatically reduces the number of Abends, which, in turn, eliminates time wasted during a tight batch window. The associated expenses of searching for problem sources under a time constraint - often during the middle of the night - are also greatly reduced.

SmartJCL also offers integrated scheduler interfaces, a powerful reformat function, and a REXX interface that allows you to easily adapt the product to your own requirements.

If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to ensure a high quality of JCL, SmartJCL is the solution: An affordable tool that is nonetheless completely reliable and easy-to-use.

ProcMan - The JCL and TWS Change Management System
Almost every day new or changed program packages have to be moved from Test to Production. Such a change includes not only the programs itself, it includes also the JCL, scheduler definitions, and datacards. Every organization has its specific rules, the objects must be adapted to the requirements of the target system. In addition, legal provisions require the full traceability of all actions. Possible organizational architectures may vary from simple systems with test and production on a single CPU to complex "multi-room systems” with special testing machines, integration paltforms and separate production environments for several clients.

ProcMan is an answer to the special needs of a production oriented environment: The transfer is controlled by user friendly dialogs, JCL and scheduler definitions are autmatically converted and archived. A modern architecture is just as natural as many extra features such as integrated reporting and cross references.

Automatic checking and conversion of JCL according to rules, eg change all dataset names from TEST.* to PROD.*, insert account parameters automatically and so on Selection and editing of the objects with “easy-to-use” dialogues, eg. different TWSz dialogs for developers and production planners

ProcMan allows you to create, modify, and delete following objects:

* JCL (Jobs and Procs)
* SYSIN (Datacards)
* Schedulerdefinitions (TWSz)
* "Ad hoc" Job requests (TWSz)
* Files (PS, VSAM, GDG)

The architecture is modern and tailored to the special needs of z/OS oriented data centers:

* REXX based JCL rules
* Flexibly adaptable to different organizational forms
* Open data model using DB2
* Supports typical standards like RACF and LDAP

Module Ed

Breaking news regarding any customer who use the following products:

DLM Control Center, Space Recovery System, Allocation Control Center and Simulate-2000

IBM z/OS 1.12 no longer honours the unprotected page bit for nucleus storage backed by large pages. The DIF memory update routine has been modified to use DAT OFF updates when necessary.

Note: z/OS 1.12 installations must upgrade to at least SCC SL10202 to run any of the above products.

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