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MVS/Quickref for Z/OS
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SLEEP TIGHT: instead of driving to the office, get instant access to MVS/QuickRef's 107,000,000 lines of z/OS reference materials. MVS/QuickRef's simple, easy to understand information helps you resolve 97% of the problems affecting z/OS, CICS, DB/2, IDMS, ADABAS, JCL, JES, COBOL. It has the answers to MVS abend codes, z/OS error messages plus 1,260 software products from IBM, CA, BMC and 72 other independent software vendors.

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Open Software Technologies Products

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About Open Software Technologies:

Open Software Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of software solutions to meet your needs from our mainframe document transfer solution Memocast to REXXTOOLS/MVS, a collection of interfaces and facilities designed to expand the range of applications that may be implemented in REXX. For more information regarding the company you can visit their website here.


The REXX programming language is widely used for Rapid Application Development, Decision support, Executive Information Systems, and Automation. REXX is easy to learn and maintain, almost self-documenting and very efficient. Programs built with REXX are simple to maintain when compared with COBOL, PL/1 and assembler. REXXTOOLS/MVS adds access method interfaces, plus many REXX language extensions that greatly increase the functionality of the REXX language.

REXXTOOLS/MVS Feature Highlights

REXXTOOLS/MVS contains three components: Basic Services and Dynamic and Static SQL Services. Component features include:

Basic Services

REXX Interpretive Compiler
Dynamic Allocation
REXX extension functions
MVS & TSO Service Functions
APPC/MVS and TCP/IP aids for client/server enablement

Dynamic and Static SQL Services

Dynamic SQL Component
Static SQL Component
DB2 V2-V8 support
True Static SQL
Portability between components
"Formula One" performance
Multi-row & single row Fetch


Memocast for z/OS is a collection of utility programs and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for transmitting and receiving mainframe-based documents via e-mail. Using Memocast facilities, you can:

* convert report files to Portable Document Format (PDF)
* create mass e-mailings
* transmit and receive e-mail messages and attachments
* receive messages in a form that permits automated processing

In today's world of ever increasing online demands from consumers, employees and business partners, Memocast is the perfect solution for providing all parties with the information they require from your Legacy resources.

Memocast quickly turns Legacy data into lightning-quick Internet documents. Documents that are currently created in mass quantities, specific to a time or date, or that require resources that reside on Legacy systems, can now be generated and e-mailed to specific recipients.


RTOR (REXX to RACF) is a development tool kit for building secure RACF and z/OS® Security Server applications through a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and templates. RTOR provides corporations with 2 components in 1 low-cost product: a development kit for quickly building custom RACF applications, and display commands to manage RACF resources.

Module Ed

Breaking news regarding any customer who use the following products:

DLM Control Center, Space Recovery System, Allocation Control Center and Simulate-2000

IBM z/OS 1.12 no longer honours the unprotected page bit for nucleus storage backed by large pages. The DIF memory update routine has been modified to use DAT OFF updates when necessary.

Note: z/OS 1.12 installations must upgrade to at least SCC SL10202 to run any of the above products.

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MVS/Quickref 8.1
MVS/QuickRef 8.1 is now available, read our latest news for all the new features and availability.

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FreeSoft has been involved in the legacy application modernization business since 1998.

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CCA Software offers software technologies and services that enable mainframe customers to leverage the investments in their legacy applications.

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